Yankee Springs Trail Run '14

Yankee Springs Trail Run '14
After the half marathon

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting in a groove

Finally my IT issues are over! I took it really easy for a few weeks and babied myself. I'm getting excited to hit the training hard again, just a little smarter this time around. I was getting caught up in the numbers game with my mileage and not focusing on quality or listening to my body. I've signed up for Yankee Springs Trail Marathon June 1st, Max King attending, and Burning River 100 mile July 27th. Burning River is the USATF National Championship and my first 100 mile so this will be my main focus. I've only been running five days a week with back to back long runs and a combination of two speed, hill, or tempo runs. I figured I'll get in great Marathon shape for Yankee Springs then switch my focus over to Burning River. I'm doing my speed work at 5:30-6:10 pace depending on the workout, and my long runs have been in the 7-7:20 range. I've only been really running for the last two weeks but I feel my strength and speed coming back. I put in 60 miles last week and I plan on staying in the 65-80 range until after the Marathon. Then I'll ramp up my long runs and be in the 85-100 range over five days. I'm so blessed that I have this passion and ability. I've seen several things over the last few weeks, including the tragedy in Boston, that really brings out the gratitude. I'm rocking my Team Red, White& Blue shirt and saying my prayers. God Bless.

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  1. Well said. I love you, keep up the good work. Mom